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July 1, 2015

Thrive takes a look at some of the best review monitoring tools

I recently took on a client for whom reviews and online mentions are a major priority. This post was written while in the process of actually trying out several tools that offer review monitoring and mention alerts. The first 2 tools are more full service, offering review tracking and response features, the 3rd is a hybrid of review monitoring and simple alerting and the remaining 2 are more compact, simply tracking mentions and sending alerts. There is a bit of an apples to oranges element as a result, but I hope this post is useful to anyone in the market for a new review or mention monitoring tool.

Full Service Review Monitoring Tools:

Review Push

Review Push sits alongside Review Trackers as one of the more fully featured review monitoring tools we’re looking into. It is slightly more complicated in terms of set-up time, etc than some of the simple alert tools we review later on, but it does offer a little more. Read Full Article »

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June 25, 2015

5 Franchise Marketing Challenges In A Digital World

5 Franchise Marketing Challenges Online
Franchise marketing is a challenging niche that requires your business to stand out among the competition while working harmoniously with other franchises. While there are many ways to do franchise marketing the right way, there are also plenty of pitfalls to avoid along the way. When you factor in a local element to franchise marketing, you do not want to compete with the franchise brand in your vicinity. After you review the rules for franchises operating in your geographic area, tackle these five local franchise marketing challenges in a search engine optimization marketing strategy that doesn’t step on the wrong toes. Read Full Article »

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June 23, 2015

6 Tools Social Media Marketing Companies Use

6 Management Tools For Social Media
If you want to manage your social profiles like an efficient social media marketing company in Dallas, there are a lot of options to sort thru. From post scheduling to increasing your reach and influence, every social media management tool brings something different to the table. Social media marketing companies know how to use these tools to increase and engaged your audience in a very short period. Here are the six common social management tools the pros use. Read Full Article »

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June 19, 2015

3 Things About A Dallas WordPress Consultant You Should Know

How To Choose The Right WordPress Consultant in Dallas
Are you thinking about creating a new website with the help of an expert WordPress consultant? Look before you leap. There’s a lot of quality variation in the Dallas web design industry, so it’s necessary to filter out teams with B level design and business practices.

Every web designt agency has some differences, but there are some key characteristics of the most qualified WordPress consultants you should always look for. These 3 things will allow you to easily compare apples to apples and make an informed choice. Read Full Article »

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June 17, 2015

Which Is Best? Franchise Landing Page or Microsite

Franchise Landing Page vs Microsite
When a franchise business partners with Thrive to design their website, the topic of whether to create individual landing pages or microsites for each franchise location seems to come up often. This is an important decision that should be thought through during the discovery meeting. As this decision can impact the effectiveness of your franchise SEO strategy. We take a look at the difference between landing pages and microsites and how a two-pronged approach is the most effective strategy.

Read Full Article »

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June 15, 2015

Eye Tracking Study Shows How People View a Google Search Result

Google Eye Tracking Heat Map
A Google eye tracking study examined the eye movements of 53 people using desktop computers to conduct various Google searches. The study comes in light of Google receiving criticism for providing answers to search questions that may end the need for searchers to click through to the websites that the search engine indexes. Direct Google resources like maps, photo carousels, and even comparisons between common topics are alarming businesses due to the way users interact with search results. The findings discovered that user eye movements varied significantly from those discovered in a 2005 eye-tracking study. Read Full Article »

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June 9, 2015

6 Tools SEM Companies Use To Get Visitors To Your Blog

6 Tools A SEM Company Uses To Get Visitors To Your Blog

“If you build it, they will come.”

This motto might have worked for Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams, but a search engine marketing company knows that driving traffic to a new blog takes time and strategy. But the right organic traffic created from your new blog can push your website to the top of search engine results. Fortunately, SEM companies are armed with an arsenal of tools to speed up this process. Here are six tools SEM Companies use to get visitors to your blog. Read Full Article »

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June 9, 2015

Facebook Contest Increases Referral Traffic By 2500%

Social Referral Traffic To Berryman Products
Berryman Products wanted a bigger spike in their Facebook engagement as well as their website traffic. Taking a cue from their Solution Central Q&A section, we posted a question with a graphic featuring a prize package for a Berryman fan with the correct answer. We set a small budget to boost the question past Facebook’s 16% audience reach to reach over 24,200 potential Facebook fans. Read Full Article »

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June 5, 2015

5 Myths About Social Media Management

5 Myths About Social Medial Management
Myths surround the world of social media management. The overload of information about social media has brought a cloud of confusion on what is true, completely false, or used-to-be true. And who can blame anyone for being mislead with social media changing at such a rapid pace? For the record, let’s clear the air for five of the most common myths about social media management. Read Full Article »

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June 2, 2015

4 Ways To Use Social Media Marketing Services That You Haven’t Thought of

4 Ways To Use Social Media That You Haven't Thought Of
As of 2015, 66% of marketers are in agreement that social media marketing services stands as a core part of their businesses. Nearly twice as many marketers consider social media a primary revenue source in comparison to 2014’s statistics. From putting a face to your brand to communicating with followers on a personal level, your business can use major social media platforms to drive business that might surprise you. Here are 4 ways to use social media that you might not have thought of. Read Full Article »

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